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Talking Politics with Randal Wallace

City Councilman Randal Wallace is truly in the Hot-Seat as John and Paul Grills him on the issues that everyone has been wanting answers to. watch the fire works.

Talking Politics with Jimmy Richardson

Horry County Solicito, Jimmy Richardson is one of the Hardest working men in the county. Watch to hear all that is going-on in our courts and who and how they are prosecuted...must see tv.

Our Recent Work

Carolina Politics with Chief Joseph Hill

Talking Politics with - Chief Joseph Hill - Filmed on-location - Capprecios Restaurant - Myrtle Beach, SC - Full unedited version.

Carolina Politics with Benny Swanns

Fire works and more flares when Benny is on the Show. Speaking his mind and truth about what really going-on in our communities. While sharing his military and personal experiences and projects.

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